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Practice the job interview process research the job, get dressed, choose transportation, and answer questions.


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Practice the job interview process from start to finish in this fun simulation!

Land a job by acing the interview!

  • Receive an invitation for a job interview.
  • Take note of the time.
  • Conduct research for the job.
  • Get dressed.
  • Choose method of transportation.
  • Arrive on time!
  • Listen to interview questions.
  • Choose the best answers.
  • See what the interviewer is thinking.
  • Monitor your score while you play.

20 Job Interviews

  1. Cook
  2. Veterinary Worker
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Auto Detailer
  5. Cashier
  6. Stockroom Clerk
  7. Landscaping Laborer
  8. Pizza Delivery Person
  9. Mover
  10. Waiter/Waitress
  11. Retail Sales Associate
  12. Website Designer
  13. Construction Laborer
  14. Kitchen Assistant
  15. Customer Service
  16. Coffee Shop Worker
  17. Amusement Park Attendant
  18. Painter
  19. Farm Worker
  20. Roofer

Watch the demo video below.

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