GoVenture World

SKU: GV-WORLD-Groups-6

Unlock Groups Feature (6 months)


Purchase this ONLY if directed to do so by an instructor or trainer.  

GoVenture World is free to play at

This purchase allows you to unlock the GROUPS feature.

The GROUPS feature makes it easy to monitor the progress and performance of a group of people playing GoVenture World.  This feature is useful for teachers and trainers who want to monitor their students playing GoVenture World, or among friends who want to compare their performance results against each other.


Unlocking the Groups feature after your purchase

  1. Once your payment is made, a 32-digit KEY will be displayed immediately and it will be sent to you by email with the details of your purchase. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email.
  2. Copy your KEY then go to and log in or create a new business (if you haven't already). On the building menu, click MY PROFILE. Find the Groups box and enter the KEY.  Then join the GROUP NUMBER provided to you by your Group Manager.
  3. Refer to the GoVenture World USER GUIDE for more information about the Groups feature.