GoVenture Entrepreneur BASIC

SKU: GV-ENB-Online-6

Online Student Subscription (6 months)

A fun and realistic small business simulation — start with a lemonade stand then level up to a kiosk and food truck.  (This is Entrepreneur BASIC not ADVANCED.)


Purchase this product ONLY if directed to do so by an instructor or trainer.  

Do NOT purchase this product for personal use as you will not be able to play it — instead, go to


Do you want to be the next business tycoon, corporate CEO, or social entrepreneur? Well, it all starts right here. GoVenture Entrepreneur BASIC puts you in the role of the owner of a mobile business, where you must decide what products to sell and where and when to sell them in order to maximize profits and keep your customers happy. Experience everything you need to know about the basics of starting and running a business. This is your first step to being your own boss. 


Online Subscription

An Online Subscription does not have shipping costs and you will not be shipped any materials. You will receive a Subscription Key to create a login account, providing you access to play the simulation on any computer at any time during the subscription period. A login account cannot be shared with anyone else. 

What you need to use this software

  • Internet connection.
  • Computer, Chromebook, or Tablet

For Student use only

This subscription is for student use. Do NOT purchase this for personal use. Instructors, trainers, and resellers should only purchase this student subscription if you already have an instructor account and plan to give it to a student. 

Choosing the right product for you

GoVenture Entrepreneur BASIC is the ideal introductory simulation. For a more comprehensive simulation try GoVenture Entrepreneur ADVANCED

Getting started after your purchase

Follow the directions you will receive after purchase.