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Online Student Subscription (6 months)

Run a sandwich shop, cafe, music store, or ice-cream store in a highly-realistic small business simulation.


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Run a sandwich shop, cafe, music store, or ice-cream store in a highly realistic small business simulation.

Manage all aspects of your own virtual business — price your products, order inventory, conduct sales and marketing initiatives, review financial statements, hire and fire employees, manage schedules, and more. Monitor your success by evaluating profitability, market share, customer satisfaction, employee morale, personal goals, and more.

Watch the demo video below.

Online Subscription

An Online Subscription does not have shipping costs and you will not be shipped any materials. You will receive a Subscription Key to create a login account, providing you access to play the simulation on any computer at any time during the subscription period. A login account cannot be shared with anyone else. 

What you need to use this software

  • Internet connection.
  • Windows or Macintosh computer.
  • Does not work on iOS or Android devices.

For Personal or Student use only

This subscription is for student and personal use. Instructors and trainers should not purchase this subscription but instead visit

Choosing the right product for you

GoVenture Small Business is a very comprehensive and highly customizable simulation. For a less detailed and more introductory simulation try GoVenture Food Truck or GoVenture Lemonade Stand.

Getting started after your purchase

  1. Once your payment is made, your Subscription KEY will be displayed immediately and it will be sent to you by email with the details of your purchase. Check your spam folder if you do not see the email.
  2. Copy your KEY then go to and choose your product.
  3. CREATE ACCOUNT then log in.
  4. You will need a Group Number to join. This number will be provided to you by your instructor if you are using GoVenture for a course. If you are not using GoVenture for a course, click here to ask our Chat Bot for a Group Number


Demo Video (1 minute)